Achieve Equal Opportunity and Justice

The Grand Challenge that resonated the most with me was Achieving Equal Opportunity and Justice. Not only have I seen inequality and injustice throughout my career, I’ve also personally experienced it as Latina.

Through these moments I’ve found the courage and will to strengthen my commitment to empowering minority communities as well as educating other professionals on best practices when working with Latino families. I am grateful for all supporters and those who oppose my work as no matter what is thrown at me, I learn and grow from it. It further fuels what I stand for and how I intend to impact the world. How I will always stand up for others and myself,  how I will never let my dreams be silenced or changed. Again, thank you for confirming in me what I was always meant to do.

I believe that it is not a “one shot” approach that needs to be examined. In fact, not only should professionals, institutions, and communities embrace culturally sensitive practices, but also offer opportunities for minorities to increase their education and skills. For these reasons, I have chosen to explore the Grand Challenge of Achieving Equal Opportunity and Justice.