The Author

Born and raised in Washington DC to a Salvadorian father and Guatemalan mother. Proud to be Latina!!! I am also proud to be a trauma survivor, been through hell and back and now work to help others heal their trauma. Currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who’s particular areas of interest include alcohol and drug abuse, trauma, mental health, and breaking the stigma found in minority cultures in regards to these issues.  I have provided services to youth and their families for over 10 years through various roles in social services, local school system, residential facilities, juvenile detention center, and community based outpatient services. My goal through my work is to use energy and creative therapeutic styles and interventions to empower, instill hope, and create an unstoppable fuerza in our youth and their families. You’ll always hear me say, Pa’Lante (Let’s Go!) because resiliency and bouncing back are values I hold dearly.