Mental Vacations and Why You Should be Taking Them

Well hello my beautiful people!!! It feels so freakin awesome to be back! Cue awkward Jackay dance…yeah…I know you wish you had these dance moves. Anywho, a lot has been going on since I last wrote in May and I have a lot of great stuff planned for you all in the next couple of months. But first, allow me to fill you in on the short break I took from the blog. We’ve all been in situations where life hits us like a ton of bricks and when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. This was the end of May for me. School was handing me my ass, my job was taking a huge toll on me, friendships changed, I started a new side gig as a contributor for another well established blog, and self doubt was ringing loud and clear with each move I made. I was not only feeling defeated, I was broken. When you get to this point, your mental energy is depleted and even making the simplest decision like what you’re having for breakfast becomes daunting. As a result I decided I needed to take a mental vacation to figure out myself, get back to my zen, and come back even stronger. For me that was limiting my social media (on some days just completely avoiding it), no longer investing in the friendships that had run their course, halting Neta’s blog, and taking time to love me for me. My side gig as a contributor was also put on hold but not by choice, the website/blog took a huge technical hit and had to be shut down in an attempt to repair. I think the universe also knew I needed a break, talk about timing!

Needless to say this was my mental vacation, getting away from the things I could control and that were contributing to my distress. Things I knew would not be the end of the world or result in me being homeless or on some breaking news story for going batsh*t crazy. Clearly I couldn’t leave my job or school abruptly so instead, I looked at what could be put on hold either temporary or permanently. I also decided that I was going to take a month off to rebuild me…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I decided to leave my job as I had felt and saw that it was time to move on to the next chapter in my career. The month of July has been my time to really refresh how I feel, my goals, my dreams, and preparation for new things to come (don’t worry yall will know soon enough what these changes are wink wink). All I can say it, damn it feels amazing! So ask yourself, is it time for a mental vacation? You owe it to yourself and don’t be afraid to unplug. Just make sure you come back, I’d miss you too much.

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