Eeyore Takes the L and Sometimes We Should Too

Now I know what you’re thinking…why the heck did I mention a Disney character? And why should I take an “L”? Aren’t you like the positivity princess with rainbows and bunnies all the time? Ok…not really but let’s face it…we’ve all had our Eeyore days….where no matter what we try to do to be our own hype man, feel better, and change our mood…shit sucks…you feel like crap, depressed, and feel like nothing is going right. Matter of fact.…mine was yesterday, felt like all I wanted to do was walk out of my job, my life, and head of to Costa Rica to panhandle. Did I mention I’m known for being a tad dramatic? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have been there. No matter how much positivity, goodness, and blessings you may have in your life….nothing can pull you out of the funk you’re feeling in the moment. You vent, you scream, people try to cheer you up and say things like “things could be worse”, remind yourself how awesome you are, etc. Yet all you can think of is what pictures the “Snapped” producers will use when they air the episode based on you.

I’m here to tell you that if you end up having an “Eeyore” day…guess what? It is absolutely okay. We are human. We feel, we get tired, we are not invincible and if anything, having an off day reminds us that we are destined for something more and will grow from the experience as a result. Please don’t take this as an all access ticket to live the rest of your life like our depressed blue donkey friend. This is more so to recognize that this day and THIS DAY ONLY was just not meant for you. You take a step back from the world, whether it’s staying off of social media, blocking calls, not turning on the tv or news…whatever helps you to handle the rest of the day in peace. For myself, I went home and meditated in complete silence for about 15 minutes. Cried for about 5 minutes after that and I then got on Pinterest to look up chic office ideas as one of my goals is to open my own private practice in the future. Not only was I at peace, but it also reminded me that I can’t get sucked into the negativity and the importance of keeping my goals alive. It also reminded me that no matter how crappy a day may be, I am not destined to stay where I am in life now with my career. I share this because although I promote self-care, self-love, and surrounding yourself with positivity, you also have to learn to embrace the not so nice feelings too. When we don’t fight them and embrace them…notice I didn’t say accept them…we give ourselves permission to do more for what we want in life. We take the “L” for that day and come back swinging the next.

So if you find yourself having a day like this, please just be gentle with yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. Stop the fighting for that day and just feel. Then do whatever you need to be at peace and believe it or not, you will be ready to come out swinging the next day. After my “embracing session” last night, I reached out to my mentor to talk about moving my business plans forward. I meet with him today and I am so looking forward to this meeting because it means my goals are alive and kicking. I am slowly working on my escape plan from my current situation and yes I am totally scared but excited at the same time! I encourage you to not look at taking an “L” as giving up but more so a step towards achieving the life you deserve. In other words, rest if you must…but don’t you quit….

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