We Gon’ Mollywhop Em…without Fists…..

Yeah I said it…who you ask…well it depends. First…let me explain what this means. I first learned the term from my husband, a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina after watching a not so pleasant event unfold. Now don’t go thinking my husband actually acted the term out, it was more so an expression out of frustration. For lack of a better term, “mollywhop” means a beat down like no other. Sure there are more colorful definitions via Urban Dictionary but I digress…we stick to the PG definition.

With the current political climate and increase of demonstrations and protests, the American people are either fighting for or fighting against “insert issue here”. The truth of the matter is regardless of which issue you choose to fight for/against, racism and discrimination are alive and well. There is no denying or sugar coating it…we are living in a society where unfortunately, it has become “okay” to be nasty towards minorities and those that don’t fit “American culture”. I will be the first to admit if I had the celebrity status or money for lawyers, I probably would’ve molly whoped a couple of people myself. In the past, when topics such as inequality and injustice would surface all I could see was red. Even in high school, whenever I would see injustice brought on to others or myself, my response would be my fists. I’ve come along way I promise…now I use my words…even when I still want to use my fists.

I’ve learned that using that anger to defame, criticize, physically harm, or scare didn’t change a thing..instead it would send the wrong message. Am I saying not to be angry? Of course not! With everything that is happening to our black and brown brothers and sisters, LGBTQI brothers and sisters, Muslim brothers and sisters, women, immigrants, and other minority groups, more than ever we need to be angry…very angry. But instead of using our fists…lets use our knowledge, our voice, our undying will to fight for equality and justice. I’ve learned that the best way to fight back is to be woke politically, spiritually, educationally, and to embrace the power of love. How do we do this? Well for starters:

  • Know your rights and help others understand what their rights are
    • research your rights, pass out fliers/pamphlets to those who need it, speak at community events, start a group, blog, facebook page, etc
  • Volunteer in your community and with our youth
    • all it takes is one person to believe in you…imagine if it was you who that one person needed to believe in themselves and be their own advocate
  • Attend your community’s town hall meeting or public forums
  • Learn about and follow the work of the politicians in your area.
  • Surround yourself with positive and loving people who support your cause
  • Finish your education – no one can ever take this away from you…finish your trade school certificate, bachelor’s program or whatever….it’s yours!
  • Organize and rally, march, and/or protest for your cause…there is power in numbers!

There are so many other ways to fight with knowledge but I leave you with this…..knowledge is the light at the end of the tunnel, the little engine that could, the fire needed to engulf the hatred we are seeing. Love is what keeps us connected and grounded for when the ugly gets to be too much. I always say half the battle is believing and if you are already there in fighting the good fight…we are half way there. Pa’lante!

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