Influencing Public Discourse

 Are there other ways of influencing public discourse that we haven’t covered in the content of the course so far?

Although social media is probably by far the strongest tool in influencing public discourse given its potential reach, I think there is much to be said about incorporating “Public Discourse 101” in academic institutions. I did not learn of public discourse until I became a doctoral student and in all honesty, I would’ve appreciated knowing of this concept during my college career. In most colleges, you are required to take general classes regardless of your major such as speech/communication or orientation. Granted the classes are helpful (well…depending who you ask), but imagine a foundation for public reasoning that students can then build upon in relation to their academic work? A platform in the making for business developers, entrepreneurs, future politicians, social workers, and any profession really that makes the person much more marketable and a contributor to social solutions for social problems. It’s like setting up the potential for things to change or be seen differently at an earlier stage in someone’s career. A sort of longitudinal study that starts when most students are bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of counting down the years until retirement (not speaking of myself of course). The possibilities would be more abundant and the future that much brighter.


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