And So It Begins….

“You’re not college material so you really shouldn’t waste your time in looking or applying to colleges”. Words that would shape the rest of my life and til this day fuel my passion for social justice and equality. I’ve always wondered what could have been if I would’ve listened to those words said by my high school counselor. Part of me wants to thank him for igniting a fire that pushed me to my limits, drove me to higher education, and led to one of my greatest successes; being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Currently I am a doctoral student at the University of Southern California and exploring one of the 12 Grand Challenges of Social Work  in an effort to continue my growth.

Being the daughter of Central American parents who survived the Central American civil wars of the 1970’s to early 1990’s, I always remembered my parents instilling in me the importance of working hard, believing in myself, and being proud of my heritage no matter how hard things got. I truly believe this to be the foundation for both my academic and professional routes. Throughout my career as a social worker, I have taken every moment to build upon my understanding and desire to help minority communities by looking into cultural and systemic issues.

From my lived experience of being a trauma survivor and growing up in a rough area of Washington D.C., to the knowledge I gained while writing papers and studying for exams throughout college. Each moment contributed to my approach with clients and systems and more importantly, myself.So in all folks, this blog is to share my strength based persona, career and educational experiences, and anything related to social work, life as a Latina, social justice, equality, and funny stuff…yup…I’m also a part time jokester…..pausing for laughter…


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